1) What’s your size?

As newcomers, at the moment we are few but good: people are not yet accustomed to our ideas, our tone, our Will. Anyway, since we are not looking for money or public offices, we focus mainly on the quality and not on the quantity of our Associates. This is the reason we hope that the actual identitary Lombards will join us.

2) What do you exactly do?

Great Lombardy Association is a political association whose fundamental and general aim is the defense, the recovery and the emancipation of the identity of Great Lombardy. You can find what we are going to do to achieve this challenging target in our Agenda.

3) Why should someone join you?

First of all, because he agrees with our ideas and wants to help us, maybe even in person, to spread them among our asleep compatriots. In addition, because we are the first and only cultural-political entity that put at the center of its actions the real Lombard Nation and who developed what we call “rational ethno-nationalism”. More information on this can be found on the pages Great Lombardy and Weltanschauung.

4) Do you stand for election?

As a political association, our only purpose is to spread our ideas and make the public aware about the issues we deal with. We will therefore not run for office, but we do not rule out the possibility in the future to support a party that will represent the actual interests of Great Lombardy.

5) Do you work with any other association?

At the moment, we have not yet established any formal collaboration. However, we keep in touch with some identitaries of other nations of Gaul-Teutonia with which we hope to soon develop fruitful collaborations.

6) It is illegal to demand the independence of Great Lombardy, isn’t it?

Despite many Italians appeal often to the article 5 of the Italian Constitution (“The Republic is one and indivisible”) to delegitimize any possible proposal for the division of the Italian state, it should be noticed that the Italian Constitution recognizes with the article 10 its subordination to international law. Italy has then ratified at least three international treaties that explicitly state that “all peoples always have the right, in full freedom, to determine, when and as they wish, their internal and external political status” (Final act of the conference on security and co-operation in Europe, Declaration on Principles Guiding Relations between Participating States, article VIII), so the demand for self-determination is perfectly lawful.

7) After all the hard work that our ancestors did to unite Italy, why should we divide it now?

Apart the point that the unionist feelings of “Risorgimento” have been quite exaggerated by historians of the regime because the largest part of the Lombards sided against and not in favor of the Savoy House, it makes no sense to keep together populations that are not related in an ethnic, linguistic, cultural and historical point of view. There is strength in numbers, but just if there is compatibility among the elements. And this is not the case with the different nations ruled by the Italian Republic.

8) Would Great Lombardy be able to achieve an important place in international politics?

Considering that Lombardy is one of the Four Motors for Europe and that our history, art and culture gives us a good soft power, an independent Great Lombardy would surely have a better reputation than now. Or maybe it would actually be better to say that it could finally have one, because now Great Lombardy is nothing else than an unknown region for many people.

9) What language do you propose for the eventual State of Great Lombardy?

As there is not a Koiné language for Lombards, we believe that the adoption for bureaucratic and literary purpose of classic popular amended Milanese is the best solution for everyone. Of course, the other languages of Great Lombardy will be protected at local level.

10) Do you have hatred against Southern Italians?

If the said people remained at home without being econmically maintained by us, we would have no motivation to have hatred against them. Considering that instead it has benn happening the exact opposite, with the aggravating circumstance of the import of their beautiful souvenirs (Cosa nostra, ´Ndrangheta, Camorra), it is very hard to be positive towards them.

11) What do you think about immigrants?

Since Great Lombardy is already very overpopulated just with Lombards, we are absolutely opposed to any further immigration, wherever the source is. For the same reason, we believe that immigrants already here will have to leave Great Lombardy.

12) Are you neo-nazi in practice?

No, we are rational ethno-nationalists and not neo-nazists. The regime media often try to instil the ridiculous stereotype ethno-nazionalism = neo-nazism into the minds, but who knows a bit about ethno-nationalism will understand immediately that this is a sneaky way to delegitimize a school of thought quite inconvenient for the system.

13) Are you just racists?

No, we do not believe in any racial hierarchy. However, we recognize the existence and the biological difference of the various human subspecies, as well as the serious biological, social and cultural dangers that a multiracial society entails. For this, we consider desirable a separation at a reproductive and environmental level of human races for the protection of biodiversity and the many human cultures.

14) Who is Lombard for you?

Being consistent etno-nationalists, it should be clear that, in our opinion, membership of the Lombard Nation is acquired only through the ius sanguinius. Therefor, we can denife “Lombard” who was born in the Lombard territory from indigenous biological ancestors of the Great Lombardy (i.e. ancestors with typical Lombard surnames or otherwise typical Gaulish or Dutch surnames). Anyway, considering that genetic exchange with people compatible to us does not involve any kind of problems, the membership to the Lombard Nation is a right even for the individual having 2 (or 3) native Lombard Grandparents and the others 2 (or 1) native of Gaul-Dutchland.

15) What position do you have in respect to the world?

It should be obvious, but to be proud of our identity does not mean to despise the identity of other nations: in fact, we support the cultural exchange with all other peoples of the planet. However, to be conscious environmentalists, we believe that the good production should be performed near the place of consumption in order to reduce the impact on ecosystems. The trade would then be aimed to obtain raw materials and energy that our continent can not provide enough.

16) What do you think about European Union?

Considering that European Union is a ridiculous jumble of multinational states, which often oppress the incorporated nations, ruled by a caste of bureaucrats waiters of the globalist lodges, it is clear that we are looking forward to its end. In its place would we need a European consortium based on actual nations and structured in an ethno-geographical way. It does not make sense to join a Norwegian and a Sicilian.