1) Spread of the concept of Great Lombardy.

Because of the absurd  internal political divisions and of the creation of the artificial administrative entities, the name “Lombardy” is changed from defining what during the Middle Age was established ad Nation successor of Cisalpine Gaul and Langobardia Maior (exepting Tuscany) to label a mutilate region of the Italian Republic. Our fundamental objective is therefore to make clear, both to the Lombards and to the world, what is the actual Lombardy beginning with its ethnic North Western nucleus( the hydrographic basin of the river Po)  in order to come to its Great Lombard extension, that includes the whole Northern italy ( from the Alps to the line Massa-Senigallia).

2) Defence of Great Lombard ethnic identity

It would be useless to start any argument on the safeguard of our ethnic identity without clarifying about our actual ethnic origins. Great Lombards were misled for decades by the idea to have trivially Latin and Mediterranean origins and to be part of the “unique family”,  while our actual origins are Italic-Celtic, Subcontinental with a Germanic surface contribution : For this reason, we will make information to let the Lombard understand which ones are their true ethnic origins, of course without repudiate the ancient Roman heritage. Besides we have to consider that our extremely low birth rates and the massive influx of immigrants, firstly Italian than European and non-European, have brought to a situation where Lombards are a minority in many parts of Great Lombardy. In order to defend Lombard ethnic identity and human biodiversity, we believe it is therefore necessary to aware the Lombards about the desirability of spontaneous undertaking of an endogamic conscience (i.e. the practice of favouring marriages between the members of the same people) which, associated with the rebirth of natural family values. Struggle against the extintion of the Lombard people is our rigorous moral duty.

3) Defence of Great Lombard land

The environmental defence of Great Lombardy must necessarily follow through to the defence of the Lombard ethnic identity. Particular attention will be brought to problems such as agricultural soil distruction, overbuilding, pollution, overpopulation, damaging alien organisms invasion and the degradation of original natural ecosystems. We will raise the public awareness on these issues to recover the symbiotic relationship between man and nature and educate city dwellers on the ethics of respect for nature. It is also useful to specify the climatic and geographical nature of the Great Lombard territory which is not Mediterranean and peninsular but subcontinental but the link between the really Mediterranean world and the Central Europe.

4) Defence of the languages of Great Lombardy

The Romance languages spoken in Great Lombard, namely Lombard (Eastern, Western, Southern and Central),Romagnol, Ligurian, Ladin, Friulan and Venethian,  belong to the Western Romance languages (just like French, Occitan or Castilian) and not to Eastern Romance languages (like Italian, Neapolitan or Romanian).Despite even the Lombardy has accepted the Italian ( the Florentine literary) as official language, the Lombards must valorise their wonderful idioms and clean them from the pollutions of recent times. Besides spreading scientific contributions about Lombard linguages, we will organize lectures and seminars in order to popularize the languages of Great Lombardy with particular attention to the real Lombard languages ( Gallo-Italic pure essentially, Cisalpine Gallo-Romance) and to discuss important arguments such as orthographic principles and the adoption of a pan-Lombard koinè, which for us could be the corrected classic popular Milanese. This is of course referred to Ethnic Lombardy and not properly to Great Lombardy which include others important languages, for example the Venethian.

5) Defence of Great Lombard culture and traditions

The heavy processes of Italianisation carried out by media and the centralist Italian state  alike in the last hundred years has not only brought the Great Lombard languages on the verge of extinction, it has also negatively influenced many typical Great Lombard traditions. Consequently, we will bring particular attention to the appreciation of the most important historic recurrences of our Land, the rediscovery of our gastronomic culture, the safeguard of values and habits worthy of defence and, above all, the recovery of our traditional alpino-padanian lifestyle, defined by a hard-working and loyal character.

6) Development and spread of the rational ethnonationalist Weltanschauung

Our Weltanschauung is a kind of ethno-nationalism resulting from the rational analysis of the reality: it could therefore be definied as “rational ethno-nazionalism” (shortened in ethno-rationalism).
Starting from the premise that the human reason and the scientific method are the best tools to achieve the most objective knowledge possible of the phisical reality (rationalism), we observed and analysed nature in order to understand its working mechanisms and we got to the point that the best Weltanschauung is ethno-nationalism, i.e. the political doctrine which considers the interests of the Nation (meant as set of individuals with same ethnos, language, culture, territory and history) as fundamental objective of the public sector activities and considers ethnicity as main element constituting the Nation (and that cannot be set aside). We will tray to spread and implement the most possible we can our Weltanschauung with every tool we can use.

7) Self-determination of Great Lombardy

The only solution to come back being masters in our home is to demand our right to self-determination asking a deep ethnofederalistic reform of the State, in order to give an ethnofederalistic nature to Italy, today reduced to an empty ridicolous state and to an American colony. Seeing that Great Lombardy have every requirement for being defined as an ethno-cultural reality , we will fuel the political debate to claim, by acknowledged and legitimate legal instruments, our right to self-determination in order to obtain an Italian state entity that can represent us. We believe in facts that the sovereignity is due to the Nation and therefore it should not be the State to legitimate itself (like in the case of the Italian Republic), but the the Nation to legitimate the State. It goes without saying that the ethnofederalism consists of a pact, without which it would be impossible to be realized as part of the Italian historical areal and getting  seriously an ethnonational state.