The Great Lombardy Association’s Symbol is what we call the Lombardist Cross.

It consists of St. George Cross, red on white background, emblem of Milan and the medieval communes of Lombardy, which is integrated into the Indo-European solar wheel, of Celto-Germanic memory, a very dear symbol to Lombardy, to Central Europe and Europe as a whole; in turn, the resulting symbol is inscribed in a circle with Ghibelline sign of imperial Lombardy, namely Blutfahne or St. John the Baptist Cross, to form the Lombardist Cross (red arms and white arms are joined by the seal of solar wheel).

So we wanted to pay a everlasting tribute, making this our symbol, first our Lombard Fathers who gave as ensign St. George Cross and some other St. John the Baptist Cross, and secondly, our Indo-European ancestors who were depositary of true and unique European roots, exemplarily shown by harmonic image of the quadripartite solar disk, symbol of sun.

Our Identity is Lombard, Central European, European, and it is good we came to idea to join the Lombard tradition with the Indo-European one.

To wrap up our logo, here is the famous white-red-black colors tripartition, symbol of sacred social triad in the Aryan world.

The white-red-black is not, as some believe, a touch of neo-Nazism or Teutonic militarism (and also what they are all about with Lombardy?): our choice of color was dictated by the charm for Indo-Germanic chromaticism that is part of the Lombard one thus corroborating the most intimate meaning.

Red symbolizes the Lombard’s Blood, white the frankness and honesty of Lombard Spirit, black the fertile soil of the Great Lombardy.

And these three colors also correspond to social tripartition which in us, the Lombardists, embodies in those who defend the People, the Culture and the Soil.

Then a nod to our social color, the one we find on banners, on cards and shirts, the lead-gray, great rational color, cold, moderate, Spartan and Prussian, leaden in fact. A sever and adult color, manly and warlike, opposed to Lega Nord clownish dark green or fluorescent green, and also to Mediterranean colors, so warm, bright, blinding in their flamboyant passion and irrationality.