Starting from the assumption that human reason and scientific method are the best tools to achieve knowledge and understanding of physical reality in the most objective way (rationalism), we observed and analyzed the nature in order to understand better the working mechanisms and build what is our Weltanschauung.

Biology shows us that goal of every living being is to maximize long-term transmission of genes as similar as possible to their own: as living beings like everyone else, we surely don’t lie outside from this goal.

As undertaken evolutionary trend has led us into category of social animals, it is clear that social perspectives designed to meet merely needs of individual as selfishness, opportunism, and hedonism, inevitably lead to very serious social crisis situations or, at worst, to total decay of a society.

Empirical evidence has shown that, if in expansive context competitive behaviors generally favor the success and development of the species, in not expansive contexts (such as those which we have arrived, since we have even exceeded ecosystem capacity to support us) are generally cooperative behaviors that allow success.

Consequently, a socio-political system ( i.e. system of regulation of a community life), able to guarantee possibility of genes transmission as similar as possible to its own, in the long term must be based on principles of cooperation and solidarity and put at the center of its objectives the interest of whole community.

Purpose of maximization of genes as similar as possible to its own means, however, another important point: the greater the genetic divergence of the participants in a community is, the greater the incentive for some participants more similar to each other is to break the bonds of solidarity and cooperation to create a new one or even to give rise to opportunistic behaviors to the detriment of others.

So it outlines a kind of trade-off making doubt which is, in absolute terms, the best degree of cooperation enlargement.

In a purely biological point of view, genetic analyzes suggest that right scale of social aggregation in the man case is the one of subspecies.

In reality, however, come into play other variables to be taken into account, because we are not only the genetic information that we carry but also the environment in which we live and non-genetic information (language, history, culture, etc ) we have collectively inherited by our society.

Our identity is therefore union of ethnicity, territory and culture.

Placing the interest of the Nation (understood as a set of individuals who share the same ethnicity, language , culture, territory and history) as fundamental and general purpose of public sector and considering ethnicity as the main constituent of the national community from which it is not possible to transcend, it is therefore clear that ethno-nationalism is the best Weltanschauung to ensure survival of our identity.

It should be obvious, but we would like to clarify that wanting to defend their own identity does not mean wanting to destroy those of others or considering them inferior to ours: there could be true respect for diversity only by keeping it.


A consistent rationalism must absolutely reject any religion, belief or other ridiculous metaphysical surrogate to explain what you can’t understand.

In the twenty-first century, it should be clear for any person with minimal education and average cognitive abilities that various metaphysics have been nothing more than ephemeral result of the inability of men to give explanation for any phenomena that appeared to be unreasonable.

A major fallacy of logical reason that has subsequently evolved into an excellent method of social control and optimized legitimation of the weaker class exploitation.

The only instruments that can ensure once and for all at the end of these subtle circumvention against humanity are the spread of true scientific information and the development of critical thought.

Of course, refuse of various forms of metaphysics does not imply automatic rejection of those who are also some of its products which currently represent instead an element of cultural differentiation, such as art, literature and the indigenous European pagan traditions.


With the aim of ensuring survival of our identity, it is essential to implement a recovery and restoration of basic social institution of natural family, based on monogamous relationships between men and women and on principles of loyalty, respect and solidarity.

This recovery, however, will be possible only when the current undifferentiated role of men and women is revised with the aim of restoring the selected roles by nature for the same ones.

The natural family must therefore be the focus of awareness deed aimed at eliminating the root of all the problems affecting the functioning, such as individualism, feminism and sexual promiscuity.

State and Law

Sovereign power should belong to the People with the only limit to meet the ultimate goal of maximizing collective interest of the Nation. As a result, the State should not be legitimized by itself, but the Nation legitimizes the State.

Wrong information and many cognitive biases applied to human intellect make democracy at strong odd of failure for risk of more fragile minds manipulation by some opportunistic individuals.

This fact makes us doubtful about whether to keep universal active and passive vote: as it is considered necessary to have a certain body of knowledge and well-established qualified ethics to practice a profession, it should be considered equally necessary that those who manage the res publica is able to do it in fair and adequate way.

At the level of State form, we consider federal republic as the best solution to ensure good governance and a fair degree of autonomy for local communities.

With regard to assignment of three fundamental powers of the State, ideal order should adopt clear separation of powers typical of the rule of law.

In particular, executive power should be assigned to a president directly elected by the citizens with a two-round majority system.

Legislative power would pertain instead to single parliamentary assembly directly elected by citizens with proportional representation.

Judiciary power would be eventually attributed to a supreme court also directly elected by citizens with proportional representation.

Economy, Markets and Economic Policy

The unlimited economic growth, a fundamental goal of modern capitalist economy for the most of economists, is in flagrant contradiction with fundamental laws of nature because it is impossible to grow infinitely in a planet with finite dimensions.

The individualistic capitalist system is also a deeply unfair system which has led to accumulation of a very large part of wealth in the hands of few, which has allowed the development of a morally degenerate society, which has imposed rampant consumerism, which has led to destruction of important ecosystems and significant elements of biodiversity, etc. and which will lead in medium – long term to serious problems of social, economic and environmental stability.

The only socio-economic system at the same time ethical and sustainable in the long term is accordingly the communitarism: a system based on solidarity and cooperation among its members and not on competition between them, on the good of the community and not just on the one of some, on improving the quality of life and not on the rise of commercial transactions, on symbiosis with nature and not on attempted ephemeral dominion over it, etc.

Beside changing of ethical principles, implementation of communitarism will have to go through a thorough reform of the market: in particular, it is necessary to block accumulation of wealth in the hands of very few stopping international financial speculation with abolition of certain financial instruments (such as derivatives), equating taxation on financial income than on labor income and inserting redistributive instruments that allow everyone to express their skills.

Likewise, it is a peremptory reform of the monetary system that can tear monetary sovereignty to the international bankers and return it to the will of the Nation.

Finally, it is essential to include equity and fairness in the tax system with adoption of a tax based on actual ability to pay and the basic criterion of  “polluters pay”.

Social policy and Labour

In a planet with finite dimensions and increasingly overpopulation, it is of fundamental importance the adoption of appropriate measures of birth control pointing to the maintenance of a socio-political balance in the World.

The continuous increase in life expectancy makes essential social security reorganization: in addition to a pension system reform on real criteria of need and merit, it becomes necessary to allow gradual transition to retirement through possibility of converting full-time work contracts in part-time ones partially tax-free once reached a certain age.

As regards the labor market, empirical evidence shows that high unemployment, high levels of unionization and excessive barriers to the movement of workers do nothing but reduce efficiency of labor market by rewarding only slackers: functioning liberalization is required while maintaining necessary controls to check its efficiency.

Domestic politics, security and justice

In order to maximize collective wellness, it must be absolutely assured what is one of humanity’s basic needs: security.

All behaviors damaging or put in jeopardy individual and society by undermining the individual and collective security must therefore be quickly detected and punished by effective and efficient law enforcement agencies and justice.

The ultimate goal of these organs is therefore ensure disincentive to violation of rules, the certainty and the appropriateness of penalty, compensation of damages and effective rehabilitation of those who did wrong (even by forced labor).

Obviously, to help achieving this important goal simple and streamlined bureaucratic structures are required and a clear, severe legislation which, in case of a particularly serious crime and of uselessness/impossibility of re-education, capital punishment application is provided.

Particular attention must also be given to fight against all forms of organized crime that undermine civil society, such as mafia and terrorism.

Foreign policy and defense

As well as from internal threats, security of the national community must also be guaranteed by any external aggression through creation of a military service, alternative to compulsory civilian service, which can also perform as a social institution to support moral development of the young.

To further ensure a firm political social and economic stability, in a real Europe of Nations, the best solution is developing a strong network of European alliances aiming to achieve a good economic autarky at continental level.

Finally, it is necessary to develop an appropriate work of opposition against uncontrolled globalization and introduction of the new (actually, old) world order.

Youth policy and Education

A properly designed psychological and physical education is clearly crucial for the full development of the person and in particular to acquire conscious of healthy and balanced lifestyle.

For this reason, it is fundamental a total reform of the education system from its most basic organ , i.e. the natural family, up to more complex ones, such as universities and academies.

In this vein it should then be considered the development of further social institutions able to fill the void left by churches and oratories, replacing obviously unnatural teachings promoted therein.

Agriculture and environment protection

Our earth is undergoing a daily theft of precious unsustainable land to get occupied with residences, shopping malls, warehouses and landfills to the point that in many parts of Europe agricultural land is not sufficient to nourish the inhabitants.

In addition, modern conventional agriculture based on use of synthetic chemicals is destroying the natural fertility of agricultural soils thus compromising the food security of future generations.

To avoid exceeding the point of no return, it is essential to adopt protection measures of agriculture through the block of land consumption, the return to natural and sustainable farming over time and food autarky achievement by at least 80%.

In addition, in the last century, reckless overbuilding, third world’s pollution, allogeneic demographic bomb and advanced harmful invasive alien species are transforming the paradise that our ancestors loved so much in a sort of immense smelling sewer.

It therefore becomes imperative to fight to save biodiversity, which is the greatest wealth that can be passed on to our generations, through control and eradication of harmful alien species and increasing areas designated for wildlife.

Energy Policy

What for the moment seems not to be a problem to most people, shortly it will become the main issue that humanity must face: the overcoming of oil extraction peak and the following peak of natural gas extraction will in fact give rise to political and economic crisis never seen before.

The possible solution of nuclear energy is quite ephemeral because, apart the unsolved problem of radioactive waste management, uranium reserves are just sufficient for some decade.

The absurd idea to return using coal proposed by someone could definitely provide energy for a century or two, but it would have a devastating impact on the environment.

The only real solution to the energy problem is a combination of renewable and sustainable energy sources development (and not just alternative ones, such as oil shale! ) and waste and inefficiencies reduction in consumption.

Industry and services

The importance of healthy and robust industry in a modern economy is out of the question, as it is unexceptionable that services must be effective and efficient. However, empirical evidence has shown that it is not desirable leaving carte blanche to economic agents.

To heal numerous cases of market failure is therefore crucial supporting, with well-designed and targeted aid secondary and tertiary sectors, those companies who decide to abandon the prospect of mere profit and “just getting by” to act ethically responsible to follow a path of continuous innovation in the name of sustainability.

Science and Research

The basic scientific research is undoubtedly an essential element to support improvement of the knowledge and quality of life over time.

Research must therefore be adequately funded and supported, even with incentives that lead young people to choose scientific subjects.

All this will be short-lived, however, as long as science can’t finally speak freely because forced to follow globalist lobby dictates who have no qualms in blackmail scientists to ensure their position in the annuity.


Use of the automobile as main means of transport is not sustainable in the long term for large energy costs this system requires. Speech should be even more pronounced for aviation sector, which has energy yield even worse than automobile one.

We should therefore stop boosting vehicle manufacturers by public funds and construction of harmful highways pointing back on efficient and modern public transport system development based on railway network.


Salubrity of living environment, nutrition and lifestyle are assumptions underlying the health of every person, and they are elements mostly controlled by the same person: crucial importance must therefore be given to education and awareness of the entire population with the aim to make people understand they are primarily responsible for their own health.

It should be clear then, as rational people, we firmly oppose use and legalization of soft and hard drugs (including tobacco) and alcohol abuse.

As for health care system, it is essential that it might be appropriately funded to ensure efficacy and efficiency, allowing quick and easy bureaucratic paperwork resolution and management, allowing electronic management of the same.

Finally, rationalism implies, however, that life should be lived if it is worth living it: it is a necessary consequence euthanasia legalization as well as a spontaneous adoption of certain eugenic measures in therapeutic and preventive purposes.