Considerations about socio-political situation of Sweden

I have to admit that, when three years ago I decided to come to Stockholm for studying, I did not expect a social and moral degeneration of that size in Sweden.

This shock could be due by the fact that I have been with two dear friends in Stockholm at the end of 2008 and the situation had seemed much “better” than it does today: at that time there were in fact, on the streets of Stockholm, many more Sweds and many less foreigners than the ones I have noticed in the firsts days of 2014.

Within five years the situation has worsened considerably and seems to get worse and worse day after day, hour after hour.

Immigrants are so numerous as to be well integrated into every level of society.

They are workers, office workers, supermarket cashiers, bank clersk, managers of clubs, owners of clothes shops in Stureplan and in Östermalm (the most chic and fashion areas of the city), owners of bars and Italian restaurants (which attract a lot of Swedish customers) and are even beginning to build properties, palaces and villas.

They come from everywhere: from South America to Middle East, from Africa to Asia.

Help the “needy” today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and you will get the result that immigrants became come about 20% of the inhabitants in Sweden.

Really disquieting.

But even more disquieting is the point there is not a real strength, political or not, able to take position against this real invasion.

The Swedish Democrats (SverigeDemocraterna), which in the nineties were curiously labeled as “neo-Nazis” by someone, today are now become yet another populist party that in facts does not want to fight the new world order.

Since Jimmy Åkesson has literally sold out (if not given) the SD, internationalism have unfortunately free play in Sweden.

The alliance of the “center-right” wing, which was created in September of 2010 between the Moderaterna, the Folkpartiet and Centerpartiet, has done nothing but worsen the situation: non-European immigration in Sweden continues to increase dramatically and, for the 2014-2015 period, a staggering number of 147,000 new immigrants is expected to arrive!

I do not understand how so many indigenous people do not realize this danger, not only from an ethnic, social and cultural point of view, but also an economic one.

Many immigrants are poor and very prolific and are therefore entitled to receive public subsidies: who will mantain these several new guests?

The most annoying thing though is the hatred and arrogance that these immigrants have towards those who are so generous to accept them in their homecountry and give them a comfortable life.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to “discuss” with a guy from Palermo who works in Gamla Stan and who had the courage, or perhaps arrogance, to reveal the intentions of the majority of immigrants.

For the clarity with which it is exposed the message, then I will simply report what he wrote me in a discussion on facebook.

“People like me working in Gamla stan, with other Arabs … first we, people from Palermo, are the sons of Arabs second I am a Roma but you don´t know that there are Italian Roma because our objective is to conquer Europe and we are doing it because all the owners of restaurants and bars in Gamla Stan are Arabs.” (Actually, this is a kind of English adaption: the original Italian version is full of mistakes)

Words really speaking by themselves.

But if the situation in Sweden is certainly very serious, the current situation of our beloved Lombardy is, in my opinion, even worse than the one of Sweden or any other European national reality.

While in Sweden, as well as in France or Germany, natives are still an absolute qualifying majority, we are now the relative majority in our land.

Hoping that the exposure of my experience can help many Lombards and Europeans to reflect, I want to strikingly remind that, unless we act concretely as soon as possible, our destiny is the extinction.

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