Moral capital: Pavia

Ideal capital: Milan

Geographycal location: between Southern and Central Europe

Surface: circa 135.000 kmq

Altimetry: 40% plains, 25% hills, 35% mountain

Climatic zones: temperate subcontinental, alpine, perennial glacial, mediterranean

Native population: circa 8.000.000 Ethnic Lombards, 3.500.000 Venetians, 2.000.000 Romagnols, 1.000.000 Ligurians, 800.000 Furlans, 600.000 Retians, 400.000 Croatians, 300.000 Slovenians, 200.000 Provençals, 100.000 Arpetans

European Alien population: circa 8.000.000 Southern Italians, 500.000 Romanians, 1.500.000 other Europeans.

Not European Alien  population: circa 3.000.000

Highest sustainable population density: circa 30 ab./kmq

Current population density: circa 220 ab./kmq (very high overpopulation)

Historical and native languages: Lombard, Provençal, Arpetan, Ligurian, Alemannisch, Venetian, Ladin, Furlan, Bavarian, Slovene, Croatian, Istrian, Istro-Romanian

Ethno-cultural heritage: Gallo-Romance Cisalpine with Germanic influences

Flag: Lombard crosses

Symbol: Ducal of the Visconti

Celebration day: 3 September (568)- Birth of the Lombard Kingdom


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