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  1. Luca Tirelli says:

    Veneto, Trentino (excluding Soth Tyrol), Friuli, and Romagna must be added to the map, they are genetically, culturally and linguistically Northern Italians.
    Venetian languages sometimes are not classified as gallo italic, but sometimes they are, and aside from that, venetians are very similar to its neighboring regions either culturally and genetically. Same thing with Romagna.

    The symbol of the group where it’s written grande Lombardia reminds me of some fascist organization, you must absolutely change it if you want to appeal to a much broader audience and be more effective. I like the crosses (normal crosses) or the eagles, but that celtic cross must be removed.

  2. Luca Tirelli says:

    Fighting for one’s own homeland is something absolutely natural and healthy, but I have almost completely lost my hopes for an independent Northern Italy or a Northern Italian homeland. At least 40% of the population in Lombardy, Piedmont, and Emilia is Southern Italian, adding the Third World immigration, we are almost a minority in our own homeland. That’s a whole different story in Trentino, Veneto, Friuli, where they’re still genetically very homogenous places.
    How can we restore our homeland with such a demographics? We can’t deport all of these people, at least it’s not an easy thing to do. Plus the huge level of miscegenation taking place, and the very low fertility rate. I don’t see the light. Lombardy, Piedmont & Emilia are Lost. Almost Lost.

    • Lissander Cavall says:

      Sorry if we are responding only now, in this last time we neglected the English version of the site. Anyway, if you have a look to our maps we include the whole Northern Italy (including Veneto, Romagna, Liguria, Nissa, Istria etc.) in the concept of Great Lombardy. There is also the Ethnic (Linguistic) Lombardy which include only the territories that coincides with the hydrographic bassin of the Pò. We know very well about the immigration situation in such areas as Milan and Turin, but this does not deny the fact that the Lombards are the rightful owners and the native people of the Cisalpine Lands. Until there is a reason to fight, nothing is lost but nowadays the main problem are the apathy, the indifference and the excess of individualism among the Lombards, and so we think that the most important thing is a rightfull ethno-nationalistic and communitarian (unlike the Lega Nord which is libertarian) propaganda in order to recover and protect our land, our traditions, our languages from the mass immigration and from the cultural marxist propaganda.
      About the symbol, if we have to be scared by someone who may call us fascists (we are not fans of Mussolini), we also should to change our main ideas, and furthermore our symbol is a tribute to the Saint George Cross, Saint John Baptist’s Cross (our historical symbols) and to the Solar Cross (an ancient European symbol, which wasn’t invented by Hitler).

  3. Greetings from USA. There were once a few “Little Lombardys” here, a few of which even have a strong Lombard component even today. St. Louis, Missouri (“The Hill”); Duluth, Minnesota; Iron Mountain, Michigan; Monongahela, Pennsylvania; Barre, Vermont; Rockford, Illinois; Walla Walla, Washington; San Rafael, California. We are planning to form an American Lombard Union.

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