We are all cosmopolitan hypocrites

It’s been a few days since the infamous attacks in Paris, after which the various “gestures of solidarity” with hashtag phrases “Je suis Paris”, “Pray for Paris” took place, exactly as it was with the phrase “Je suis Charlie” after the attack on 7 January 2015.

As could be imagined bombers proved to be ISIS-linked and are largely “second or third generation French”, in other words Arabs with a French passport, born and raised in France.

This is a prime example of how the ideas advocated by some geniuses (praising the multi-racial society and a world without borders) are not only utopian and naive but also dangerous.

To witness there is also the attack on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, as well as the riots in the suburbs of Paris in recent years.

Yet there are those who not only believe they can fight Islamic terrorism with the roundabouts of peace and with the aforementioned hashtag phrases, but also that this is not due to the insane immigrationist policy of the EU, or maybe that the culprits would be far right representatives (who “spread fear”), without understanding that the gradual spread of nationalism in the old continent is not the cause but one of the obvious consequences.

As if it were the far right to have turned the suburbs of many European cities into ghettos pervaded by crime and incivility.

But let’s get to the point.

Despite the fact that the average Westerner tears his clothes to the so-called refugees (read invaders in boats), poverty and hunger in Africa, he regrets making gestures of solidarity of dubious value only when an accident takes place in a Western country (meaning central-western Europe, North America or maybe even Australia).

Yes, because not only was the recent Kenya massacre of almost 200 people carried out by Islamists relatively neglected, but also the Russian plane crush of October, 31 in which more than 200 people have died.

Yet culturally and geographically Russia is not that much removed from us.

Indeed, the now famous satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has also published a cartoon in which these deads were derided!

Not to mention the lack of consideration that the conflict in Donbass has had; the conflict happened in Europe, not in Africa or the Middle East.

The truth is that unfortunately “the West” is now largely populated by sheep, together with their shepherds (political correctness being the oppressive religion of our times), that is politicians, the media and banks.

Consequently everyone is indignant and despairs only when it is convenient to those who hold the political and economic power, or when the unpleasant facts such as those in Paris (but in the Middle East these take place virtually every day) risk undermining the quiet style of the Western bourgeoises’ lifestyle (in which everyone rather than solve a specific problem would rather not talk about it and where one prefers reassuring lies instead of the uncomfortable truth).

This means that while anti-national governments at the United States’ disposal continue their work of destruction of the peoples of Europe through mass immigration in order to eliminate any obstacles for the global market, the same implement policies to destabilize North Africa and the Middle East with the aim of rectifying the American economic problems and to keep the “threat” posed by Russia and Iran.

How else can you explain the fact that France in recent years didn’t hesitate to bomb countries like Libya, Mali and now Syria but is unable or unwilling to resolve the serious situation of immigration formed in its cities, especially in Paris and Marseille?

In short, the Western policy only creates chaos in Europe and surrounding areas.

To those who accuse us of conspiracy trying to convince us that the cause of the “Arab Spring” would be the lack of democracy in those countries and that the West help their peoples to free themselves from dictatorship, we would like to recall that the United States has Saudi Arabia among main allies, a country not only lacking basic human rights, but that funds terrorism, since many mosques (a source of the spread of radical Islam) in Europe are funded by the oil monarchy.

Some might even accuse us of inconsistency, using as an excuse the Western policy in North Africa and the Middle East for mass immigration.

Too bad that among some of the most avid supporters of the “Arab Spring” and the most stubborn detractors of Gaddafi’s Libya and Assad’s secular Syria (both countries until a few years ago were certainly more stable and also more democratic as they are now) there have always been universalist leftists, that is, those who defend Islam in Europe to the hilt, but at the same time criticize Islam at its home.

But only if it comes to Iran, Assad or Gaddafi and the Gulf monarchies or Turkey, which despite being secular has a somewhat questionable reputation.

The vast majority of identitarians, instead, has always been contrary to NATO intervention in the Arab world, and still is.

It’s up to you then to judge who is consistent and who is hypocritical.

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