We are all cosmopolitan hypocrites

It’s been a few days since the infamous attacks in Paris, after which the various “gestures of solidarity” with hashtag phrases “Je suis Paris”, “Pray for Paris” took place, exactly as it was with the phrase “Je suis Charlie” after the attack on 7 January 2015.

As could be imagined bombers proved to be ISIS-linked and are largely “second or third generation French”, in other words Arabs with a French passport, born and raised in France.

This is a prime example of how the ideas advocated by some geniuses (praising the multi-racial society and a world without borders) are not only utopian and naive but also dangerous.

To witness there is also the attack on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, as well as the riots in the suburbs of Paris in recent years.

Yet there are those who not only believe they can fight Islamic terrorism with the roundabouts of peace and with the aforementioned hashtag phrases, but also that this is not due to the insane immigrationist policy of the EU, or maybe that the culprits would be far right representatives (who “spread fear”), without understanding that the gradual spread of nationalism in the old continent is not the cause but one of the obvious consequences.

As if it were the far right to have turned the suburbs of many European cities into ghettos pervaded by crime and incivility.

But let’s get to the point.

Despite the fact that the average Westerner tears his clothes to the so-called refugees (read invaders in boats), poverty and hunger in Africa, he regrets making gestures of solidarity of dubious value only when an accident takes place in a Western country (meaning central-western Europe, North America or maybe even Australia).

Yes, because not only was the recent Kenya massacre of almost 200 people carried out by Islamists relatively neglected, but also the Russian plane crush of October, 31 in which more than 200 people have died.

Yet culturally and geographically Russia is not that much removed from us.

Indeed, the now famous satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has also published a cartoon in which these deads were derided!

Not to mention the lack of consideration that the conflict in Donbass has had; the conflict happened in Europe, not in Africa or the Middle East.

The truth is that unfortunately “the West” is now largely populated by sheep, together with their shepherds (political correctness being the oppressive religion of our times), that is politicians, the media and banks.

Consequently everyone is indignant and despairs only when it is convenient to those who hold the political and economic power, or when the unpleasant facts such as those in Paris (but in the Middle East these take place virtually every day) risk undermining the quiet style of the Western bourgeoises’ lifestyle (in which everyone rather than solve a specific problem would rather not talk about it and where one prefers reassuring lies instead of the uncomfortable truth).

This means that while anti-national governments at the United States’ disposal continue their work of destruction of the peoples of Europe through mass immigration in order to eliminate any obstacles for the global market, the same implement policies to destabilize North Africa and the Middle East with the aim of rectifying the American economic problems and to keep the “threat” posed by Russia and Iran.

How else can you explain the fact that France in recent years didn’t hesitate to bomb countries like Libya, Mali and now Syria but is unable or unwilling to resolve the serious situation of immigration formed in its cities, especially in Paris and Marseille?

In short, the Western policy only creates chaos in Europe and surrounding areas.

To those who accuse us of conspiracy trying to convince us that the cause of the “Arab Spring” would be the lack of democracy in those countries and that the West help their peoples to free themselves from dictatorship, we would like to recall that the United States has Saudi Arabia among main allies, a country not only lacking basic human rights, but that funds terrorism, since many mosques (a source of the spread of radical Islam) in Europe are funded by the oil monarchy.

Some might even accuse us of inconsistency, using as an excuse the Western policy in North Africa and the Middle East for mass immigration.

Too bad that among some of the most avid supporters of the “Arab Spring” and the most stubborn detractors of Gaddafi’s Libya and Assad’s secular Syria (both countries until a few years ago were certainly more stable and also more democratic as they are now) there have always been universalist leftists, that is, those who defend Islam in Europe to the hilt, but at the same time criticize Islam at its home.

But only if it comes to Iran, Assad or Gaddafi and the Gulf monarchies or Turkey, which despite being secular has a somewhat questionable reputation.

The vast majority of identitarians, instead, has always been contrary to NATO intervention in the Arab world, and still is.

It’s up to you then to judge who is consistent and who is hypocritical.

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The geopolitical situation in Ukraine

Although almost everyone is aware of the disorders afflicting Ukraine in recent times, only a few people know what the real reasons behind these conflicts are. Western media claim the considerable corruption of Janukovyč’s pro-Russian government as the original cause of these conflicts. This corruption seemingly reached a level of unsustainability so high that it led people to take to the streets to protest in despair. However, are we sure that the situation is so simple? To better understand the Ukrainian situation, we must first remember that we are talking about a country that is in a strategic position between the European Union and the Russian Federation, a country with so many natural resources such as the famous Chernozem (the most productive agricultural land in the world) and natural gas fields, a country always split politically in half between the nationalist, anti-Russian west (and therefore today pro-West) and the Russian-speaking, pro-Russian east. To cut it short, truly a powder keg.

Among Ukrainian nationalists, but not only, one can often hear about Ukraine’s excessive dependence on Russia until last year and its rightful owners‘s (the Ukrainians) exclusion from governing. Surely the ideal to strive for greater independence from Putin’s Russia (which is far from an ideal state) with the aim of having a government made up of Ukrainians who care about the interests of their nation is in itself praiseworthy.

The nobility of this struggle for self-determination, however, vanishes when the goal is to get into anti-national supranational organizations such as NATO and the EU. It is therefore not a coincidence that the protests in December have started after Yanukovich’s decision not to sign the treaty of association with the EU. Thus, one doesn’t need to be particularly smart to understand that by exploiting popular discontent the US, and to a lesser extent the EU, encouraged the protests and mass disorders to make their puppet government rise to power, like they did quite recently with the so-called „Arab Springs“ in the Middle East. The situation becomes even clearer if one remembers about the arrival in Kiev of US politicans such as McCain and Kerry to support protesters on Maidan, and if one remembers that during an intercepted phone conversation the Estonian Foreign Minister Paet told the High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the EU Ashton that in February the protesters on Maidan were killed by snipers supportive of the “revolution” (news which was not denied by anyone and that the coup government that came to power did not even investigate).

But the most ridiculous story of this whole story is that despite this “revolution” has been largely carried out in the media for the self-determination of the Ukrainians, after the coup people came to power who do not have anything to do with the Ukrainian people, like the Jews Yatsenyuk, Turčynov, Tymoshenko and Avakov.

The fact that corruption has not yet been even partially liquidated makes one think that the riots have begun due to rivalries between various clans of corrupted individuals and that eventually the clan more convenient to the US won. While on the one hand the coup has reassured the western part of the country, on the other, however, it did cause the uprising of the eastern , pro-Russian part (which, I remind you, has found itself part of Ukraine due to Lenin and Khrushchev), which doesn’t want to enter NATO and the EU.

In Crimea, where 60% oft he population is ethnically Russian, the uprising against the new Kiev government culminates with the referendum in 16th March, in which a turnout of 84% and 97% of favourable votes sets forth secession from Ukraine and annexation to the Russian Federation. Forgetting about the international law principle of self-determination served a few years earlier to legitimize the secession of Kosovo from Serbia (which took place, by the way, without referendum), the US declare void the outcome of the referendum in Crimea because it is contrary to the constitution Ukraine (?).

In the past few months we are seeing a real and truly significant repression of the Russian-speaking population, with the Ukrainian army being instructed to fire on civilian protesters (who are often branded as terrorists) because they are „guilty“ to support the division of the country, when actually the majority of these people simply support the federalization of the country. This escalation of violence culminated with the incident in Odessa on May 2, in which fifty pro-Russian who had barricaded themselves in a building of the trade union died in the flames set with the intention of eliminating them.

In my opinion, the annexation of the Donetsk or Luhansk districts to Russia is not necessary to solve the Ukrainian problem: Ukraine could simply make a federal state.

Thinking of maintaining a unitary state when the west and the east of the country speak different languages, have different political orientations, have different geopolitical interests etc., is totally foolish.

But apparently the new government in Kiev is too busy to follow the dictates of NATO to realize this. My hope then is that the conflict at issue does not become uncontrollable escalation (since it involves two of the major military powers in the world) but will be resolved with an awareness on the part of Russians and Ukrainians in the fact that none of them is earning anything from this civil war.

Some references:






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Considerations about the environmental situation of Lombardy

Starting a dissertation about Lombard environmental problems, we cannot avoid to remember that already in 1845, Carlo Cattaneo claimed that “this land (Lombardy, Author’s Note) for nine-tenths is not the work of nature; is the work of our hands; is an artificial Country”.

Indeed, we just cannot blame him considering the statistics of 1846 place Lombardy in second position in the ranking of the most populated regions in Europe (after Belgium and England).

However the current situation really reaches critical thresholds.

The Padan Plain, once covered by dense oak forests so dear to our Ancestors, is now reduced to a third world overbuilt area, polluted and overpopulated by Italian and non-European immigrants.

The situation is particularly problematic around Milan and the Insubric foothills, in the hinterland of Turin, in the foothills of Bergamo and Brescia, and around Reggio Emilia and Modena.

The population density in many areas reaches and exceeds 1,000 inhabitants per square kilometer and is often not even minimally offset with green zones and ecological corridors.

Relatively less urbanized areas are, as well as mountain areas, hilly and plain band from Cuneo to Parma, the low plains from Lodi to Mantova and practically the entire Eastern Lombardy.

Areas that have not experienced strong growth of the “the industrial triangle” (Turin, Milan and Genua) during the 60s and the 70s, but today are however witnessing the same daily subtraction of thousands of square meters of virgin land to make unwise expanses of concrete and asphalt.

And the fact that this overbuilding, which has the substance of a crime against humanity, has been done and still is done with legal means in reality is an aggravating factor to this shameful disaster.

Our problems are not confined, however, to the reckless use of the soil.

It turns out in fact to be acknowledged as the aesthetics and functionality of the urban areas too often fall below the limit of decency (not to mention the fact that in these areas quietly dominates alien crime, first of all various mafias imported from Italian immigrants).

An important mention must be reserved for the infrastructure.

There is in fact a very costly and irrational increase in the size of the motorway network that is irreversibly damaging many territories (think of all about the Pedemontana, a highway somewhat pointless because, instead of connecting directly Varese, Como, Lecco and Bergamo, is a kind of zig zag in the Northern part of Milan province destroying the few remaining forests there), when it would be much better to develop the rail network (currently in a really shameful state) and especially the network of inland waterways (once among the best ones in Europe).

In addition to ease the automotive traffic, that would allow to be less dependent on oil, a resource totally absent in Lombardy and that is expected to run out in the next few decades.

If that was not enough, however, the rapacious land management to make you reflect on the environmental degradation of Lombardy, let’s now take a look at another big problem in Lombardy: pollution.

In addition to optimize the regime in completely irrational artificial beds, the waters are also very polluted (the famous “gamber pescaa ind el Lamber” (“crayfish fished in the Lambro river”) are now a memory since decades).

The high traffic, inefficient heating systems and many industrial processes of the companies placed in Lombardy also bring in Milan, Turin and in many other cities every year dangerous concentrations of particulate in the air, thus favoring respiratory diseases.

The accumulation of pollutants is quite favored by the conformation of the Lombard territory, surrounded on almost all sides by mountain ranges and by the fact that in areas of the world with a temperate climate prevail air movement from West to East.

The deforestation and the advance of cement also make summers in the plain, already hot, humid and poorly ventilated, less and less bearable for humans and other living beings.

Eventually, the degradation of Lombard environment is further accentuated by introduction of alien plant and animal species harmful to the ecosystem, occurred because of the globalization of trade and the development of intercontinental travels.

The spread of harmful species such as the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), the wels catfish (Silurus glanis), chestnut gall wasp (Dryocosmus kuriphilus), spotted-wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), ragweed, giant hogweed, knotweed, ailanthus, paulownia, etc. is also favored by the fact that in recent years the climate of Lombardy has become hotter and hotter (consequences of global warming and air pollution in the area).

To avoid going beyond the point of no return, it is clear that it is necessary to reduce, adequately and quickly, the human pressure on the Lombard soil.

And the first step in this direction must include the resolution of unsustainable population pressure in Lombardy by blocking further immigration flows, from wherever they come from.

The conservation of environment and natural beauty of Lombardy goes hand in hand with our ethnic and cultural identity.

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All in the family

Many believe the family is base of society, the starting point for personal development in a wide variety of environments.

This point is doubly true, especially with regard to Italic family, so ethnically defined. It is undeniable that from first instruction to the future work is the family shaping the individual, in relation to his/her own ability, both mental and economic. And this happens in all Countries of the World.

What differentiates the Italian family, even only from corresponding European ones, is the reigning “amoral familism” which requires familiar nucleus, whose amplitude can also be very high, as purpose and not only as basis of the work of each of its component.

It is typically Italian phenomenon to which the person presenting himself as one with the preceding parental kit, and that we can only imagine the concept of emancipation as adjustment and adaptation of personal potentiality to needs of closed and hierarchical structure that is the family.

Just think for example at numerous family-owned businesses in the Country, which become gradually more and more closed and murky as one moves further South.

It is not difficult to imagine how such a cultural backwardness is the basis for an equally severe economic backwardness, with a closed society into subdivided compartments designed to self-interest rather than to a real collective welfare.

From this substrate, halfway between (Italian) comedy and tragedy, I believe it comes the horrible habit to put the surname before personal name in the signature.

This is the moral that massive Italian immigration of the past decades it has slowly imposed as normal to us.

But this is only part of the problem, the most historically significant one. Today, in fact , as a counter to this social composition we find a family vision of the “progressive” kind, where there are no more limits and closures, where the role of a parent is, so to speak , open to the public, and where a number identifies father, mother and intermediaries.

It doesn’t miss that the “progress” visible today is nothing more than recognition by the Institutions of paraphilia forms gradually more severe and degenerative. To get a glimpse of the future, just think of situation in Countries such as Denmark, considered as the most open (and available) in this ambit, where it is possible for a gay couple to get the missing gene pool simply by requesting it on loan to another homosexual couple of the opposite sex, in mutual exchange and happy harmony.

The World Health Organization defines homosexuality as a “natural variant of human behavior”, thus implicitly justifying any policy aimed to raise consensus with familicide laws.

We have perhaps lost in the name of political correctness even those few key principles that remained and that over the millennia have given the foundation of Civilization in its highest way, which should reflect the most skeptical – or liberal, depending on where we see the dogma – on possibility that maybe that was a working model.

The idea that men and women are able to procreate is certainly not a sexist and homophobic invention, but surely clearer intent of many European governments to pass it as that also leaves the viewer with an inkling suspicion about to whom is aimed the work of our representatives.

For the sake not only of Lombardy, but of the whole European civilization threatened by a decadence under an assumed name, it is necessary to recover the concept of Natural family, from which to develop a healthy society and free from woodworms and collective paranoia.

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Considerations about socio-political situation of Sweden

I have to admit that, when three years ago I decided to come to Stockholm for studying, I did not expect a social and moral degeneration of that size in Sweden.

This shock could be due by the fact that I have been with two dear friends in Stockholm at the end of 2008 and the situation had seemed much “better” than it does today: at that time there were in fact, on the streets of Stockholm, many more Sweds and many less foreigners than the ones I have noticed in the firsts days of 2014.

Within five years the situation has worsened considerably and seems to get worse and worse day after day, hour after hour.

Immigrants are so numerous as to be well integrated into every level of society.

They are workers, office workers, supermarket cashiers, bank clersk, managers of clubs, owners of clothes shops in Stureplan and in Östermalm (the most chic and fashion areas of the city), owners of bars and Italian restaurants (which attract a lot of Swedish customers) and are even beginning to build properties, palaces and villas.

They come from everywhere: from South America to Middle East, from Africa to Asia.

Help the “needy” today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and you will get the result that immigrants became come about 20% of the inhabitants in Sweden.

Really disquieting.

But even more disquieting is the point there is not a real strength, political or not, able to take position against this real invasion.

The Swedish Democrats (SverigeDemocraterna), which in the nineties were curiously labeled as “neo-Nazis” by someone, today are now become yet another populist party that in facts does not want to fight the new world order.

Since Jimmy Åkesson has literally sold out (if not given) the SD, internationalism have unfortunately free play in Sweden.

The alliance of the “center-right” wing, which was created in September of 2010 between the Moderaterna, the Folkpartiet and Centerpartiet, has done nothing but worsen the situation: non-European immigration in Sweden continues to increase dramatically and, for the 2014-2015 period, a staggering number of 147,000 new immigrants is expected to arrive!

I do not understand how so many indigenous people do not realize this danger, not only from an ethnic, social and cultural point of view, but also an economic one.

Many immigrants are poor and very prolific and are therefore entitled to receive public subsidies: who will mantain these several new guests?

The most annoying thing though is the hatred and arrogance that these immigrants have towards those who are so generous to accept them in their homecountry and give them a comfortable life.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to “discuss” with a guy from Palermo who works in Gamla Stan and who had the courage, or perhaps arrogance, to reveal the intentions of the majority of immigrants.

For the clarity with which it is exposed the message, then I will simply report what he wrote me in a discussion on facebook.

“People like me working in Gamla stan, with other Arabs … first we, people from Palermo, are the sons of Arabs second I am a Roma but you don´t know that there are Italian Roma because our objective is to conquer Europe and we are doing it because all the owners of restaurants and bars in Gamla Stan are Arabs.” (Actually, this is a kind of English adaption: the original Italian version is full of mistakes)

Words really speaking by themselves.

But if the situation in Sweden is certainly very serious, the current situation of our beloved Lombardy is, in my opinion, even worse than the one of Sweden or any other European national reality.

While in Sweden, as well as in France or Germany, natives are still an absolute qualifying majority, we are now the relative majority in our land.

Hoping that the exposure of my experience can help many Lombards and Europeans to reflect, I want to strikingly remind that, unless we act concretely as soon as possible, our destiny is the extinction.

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Economic considerations about immigration

Since the mainstream political-economic doctrine argues immigration is an important resource, if not essential, for developed and population declining economies in Europe, I think it is necessary to explain, especially to those who have never studied the issue or doesn’t have the knowledge to do it properly, the senselessness of these assumptions on a theoretical level as well as to clarify some issue in the light of reality in which our continent is found.

Let’s consider the best known of justifications about immigration, that “immigrants are needed because they are available to do jobs we don’t want to do anymore.”

This is a pretty ridiculous excuse because the reason why certain jobs are not wanted to be done anymore is because they are not adequately remunerated: we could simply let law of supply and demand act in order to increase the reward and then find people willing to work!

Many then try to climb up on the mirrors and start to say that “immigration is needed to fill shortage of labour supply in rich countries and to reduce excess of labour supply in poor countries, thus leading to a convergence of real wages in the long term and so to improve welfare for all”.

Putting aside the fact that appealing to shortage of workers when youth unemployment in Europe is over 20% would be quite ridiculous, we must recognize that immigrants actually increase labour supply.

However, are we sure that this is really good for indigenous population?

What kind of effects could have the increase in the labour supply on indigenous population?

By the law of supply and demand, an increase in labour supply caused by immigrants leads to a reduction in real wages (i.e. wages adjusted for the actual purchasing power) that, on one hand, causes increase of welfare because immigrants rise production by reducing prices (due to economies of scale) but, on other hand, decrease welfare because immigrants make up aggregate demand thereby increasing the level of prices.

According to economic theory, the positive effect should be greater than the negative, and then immigration would seem actually a resource (also a native population increase would be, since it rises the labor supply), but we must remember that economic models are simplistic assumptions that can get opposite results than reality.

A first simplification is that immigrants have the same impact on a social level of indigenous individuals, taking also belied by the fact that immigrants tend to receive substantial social benefits (because with their big families often consume more than they produce), as well as to reduce social welfare because of their negative externalities (increased crime, reduced average education, etc.).

A second unrealistic assumption is that factors of production, such as energy, land, raw materials, are available in unlimited quantities, absolutely ridiculous on a territory on verge of urban collapse, now almost devoid of raw materials and abundant sustainable energy sources such as Lombardy (and to a lesser extent as Europe).

Here it should be added that some economists (as famous Solow model) argue that we could make a more efficient use of resources (best available technologies), but in case of limited resources, this assumption can only be valid in the short or medium term because once it has reached maximum energy efficiency it can no longer improved.

This simplification also relates to justification that “immigrants are used to compensate dangerous population decline we are experiencing and then reduce aging of population”.

Of course, the argument is based on ingenuous assumption that population growth would lead to an improvement in the welfare thanks to exploitation of economies of scale allowed by a growing demand.

Seeing that, in presence of limited resources, returns to scale are however increasing, only up to a certain point, it actually confirms Malthus thesis, that in the long term an increase in population leads to a reduction in real wages.

Some economist argue that long period of population growth and real wage growth started from the second half of the nineteenth century has invalidated the Malthusian model.

Too bad this long period of economic and population growth has been enabled thanks to incredible availability of cheap energy from fossil fuels and, with current knowledge, it seems it will end once it reaches peak of production of the latter.

Adding the problem of an aging population as justification of immigration also leads to even greater level of absurdity: since the current population of Europe is not sustainable in the long run, immigrants would only delay the aging population problem, moreover increasing the size, and therefore making the solution even more difficult!

Then there is a third ridiculous simplification to mention, that labor productivity of immigrants is the same as the native population, as it is particularly funny because that hypothesis has been disproved, not only from reality but also from previous justification “immigrants are needed because they are available to do jobs we don’t want to do anymore.” (i.e. those with low productivity).

This last point must be investigated even as regard the impact of immigrants on income redistribution within indigenous population: immigration should in fact increase inequality between the rich and the poor.

This is because, on one hand, an increase in labor supply caused by immigrants leads to a reduction in real wages, a reduction which affects the welfare of indigenous workers (who are generally the poorest class), while at the other side increased demand for resources, such as land and capital, caused by immigrants leads to an increase of their prices (i.e. rents and interest rates) favoring those who receive these annuities (which are typically the richest class).

As science and mass media are often manipulated by the financial lobbies, it should therefore not be difficult to understand why immigration is often presented to the public as a resource.

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Great Lombardy’s website is ready

Padri Fondatori

The website of Great Lombardy Association, the Lombard ethno-nationalist Movement born on the 6th of November 2013 in Pavia is finally ready.

We have been working for long time on this website mainly because, as you can see from the homepage, there are versions of the website in 3 different languages: English, Italian and Lombard (Milanese).

We apologize for the long waiting, but we needed a lot of time to translate every content and we decided to launch it just in the moment everything was ready to go public.

Let’s get now to the main content of the website: Great Lombardy Association.

Last summer the Lombard Nationalist Movement (MNL) founded by Adalbert Ronchee (Adalbert Roncari) and Pol Sizz (Paolo Sizzi) was dissolved to open the way to a new Lombardist project that, without denying starting positions, has extended its activities to Eastern Lombardy.

Even if Western Lombardy could still be considered a self-sufficient Nation, it will always be a partial one, in an ethnic point of view, without its Eastern part.

As MNL we focused basically on the medieval “Langobard Neustria”, i.e. Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Lombard Switzerland, Region of Lombardy, Emilia till Panaro river and other bits of Po Valley belonging to different administrative entities. Now we will expand the focus also on the medieval “Langobard Austria”, namely Trentino, Venetianized Lombardy and Friuli, excluding for obvious ethno-historical reasons Tyrol, Isonzo catch basin, Emilia beyond Panaro river, Romagna and Venetian coast with its hinterland.

Similarly, we excluded Liguria from the Western part because it was late conquered by Langobards and never colonised by them. Besides, unlike the true Lombard territory, Liguria has a Mediterranean climate. Same considerations for the Province of Bologna and the Province of Ferrara: Adriatic territories conquered and ruled by Langobards just for few years.

The political Association Great Lombardy, born in ancient Langobard capital Pavia, has been founded by Pol Sizz from Bergamo (President), by Adalbert Ronchee from Seprio (Segretee), by Achill Beltramm from Pavia, by Ludovic Colomba from Carnia and by Lissander Poeugg from Voghera. It aims to enfranchise through Lombard ethno-nationalism (Lombardism) the patriotism of all Cisalpine Lombard people. We want to point out that, in our point of view, these people can be called Lombard because they basically evolved from Langobardia Maior (where does “Lombardy” come from?).

We logically don’t want to play the part of Germanist wannabes but just preserve the genuine Identity of Lombards, which is the result of the harmonic fusion between Proto-Celts, Gauls, Goths and Langobards, not to mention smaller people such as the Ligurians, Rhaeti, Veneti and Romans who certainly contributed to build Lombardy or, as we call it, Great Lombardy.

Great Lombardy, yes! It is not a fantasy in the footsteps of Mussolini’s Great Fascist Italy (that included disparate and heterogeneous territories). It a quite homogenuous country embracing lands from Western Alps to the Eastern ones and from the Central Alpes to the Apennines: a territory united firstly by Gaul Cisalpine romanized legacy and secondly by fundamental Langobard impression that characterised the Northern part of the Italian Republic. During the Middle Ages, when a Transalpine had to cross the Alps, he used to say: “I go to Lombardy” and not “to Italy”.

The removed territories were lately and slightly Langobardized (Liguria, Padua, Bologna and Ferrara) or not colonized at all by Langobards (Romagna, Venetian – Friulan – Julian coasts and their immediate hinterland); Some other territories (Tyrol and Isonzo catch basin) are excluded because, even if they were geographically and historically part of medieval Lombardy, they were conquered by other Peoples (Bavarians and Slovenes).

Our identitary fight is aimed to reach Langobardized Cisalpine Gaul-Romance realities and rightly deemed as Lombard from Middle Ages (just think of the cities forming the Lombard League). Cities such as Trento and Verona spoke Lombard until Middle Ages and it is not absurd to imagine that the portion of Region of Veneto included in our maps had been Venetianized by the Republic of Venice, breaking the linguistic continuum that there was all over the Northern part of the current Italian Republic due to the overlapping of Latinized Celts and Langobards.

Thus, our Movement takes its cue from genuine ethno-cultural reality of Lombardy, by combining two historical Lombardies, Western and Eastern ones, in name of their common heritage and future challenges that lie ahead, in order not to end up engulfed in the Italian whirlpool and therefore globalist one.

The previous Lombardist experience was a kind of laboratory, a preparatory journey to the great leap in quality of GL that aims to get together all the Lombards under the banner of the Lombardist Cross, the Camunian Swastika, the Visconti’s coat of arms, the Biscione;. We are a political movement, but also a cultural one that does not aim to take votes, seats and money, but just involve the Lombards of Great Lombardy willing to join our fight for liberation, defense, promotion and self-determination, first of all ethnic, of what is a real Nation, unlike Italy, incomplete Lombardy, Veneto of the “Serenissimi”, Switzerland or Padania.

With us revive medieval Lombardy, which is the true Lombardy. With us revive Lombard identitarism, that is not an artifact but ethno-cultural awareness that since Middle Ages has united people of Cisalpine Gaul – Langobardia – Lombardy.

Starting from the past, we live the present, in a future perspective, because without roots the tree dies and it becomes easy prey of parasites and globalist “deforesters”.

We are ethno-nationalist and therefore also independentist, because ethno-nationalism includes independentism but not vice versa.

Before any talk of independence, it is necessary to set a serious and compelling ethno-nationalist approach because otherwise every self-determinative effort is completely useless: if a Lombard is not aware to be so, what’s worth talking about referendum for independence? And in the same way: who would benefit for a free Lombardy if delivered to aliens and Lombard extinction?

We are not braggarts but rational, practical and honest Pan-Lombard Lombardist, who do not want to bite off more than you can chew burning at the start.

First Identity, then independence, because talking about Identity means to get distanced from any Italian lie.

We have taken the field and we will work all the way to the sacred struggle of identity, which is a fight for democracy and Freedom of Lombard People. And being free first means to get rid of the system inside ourselves.

Lombard wake up from tricolor nightmare and you will discover Great Lombardy Association.

A unique Nation: from Monviso to Matajur, from Tencia to Cimone.

Hail to Lombardy!

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